Soma Makato/Tozo Mpya za Miamala 2022 ( New Transaction Tarriffs/Charges)

Soma Makato/Tozo Mpya za Miamala 2022 ( New Transaction Tarriffs/Charges),

in this  article we will  show you Makato/Tozo Mpya za Miamala 2021 ( New Transaction Tarriffs/Charges). Despite the Government insisting on the implementation of the new telephone transaction fee which is being levied from today, citizens have expressed concern over the new cost of sending or withdrawing money.

Starting today, Thursday, July 14, 2021, those who send or withdraw money to a mobile phone agent will start paying a patriotic tax of between Sh10 and Sh10,000 depending on the size of the transaction.

Given the new tax, stakeholders are concerned that it will reduce the use of the service thus reducing its contribution to the economy.

With the new costs available, there are those who believe no one will go to an agent to make a transaction.

Makato/Tozo Mpya za Miamala 2021 ( New Transaction Tarriffs/Charges)

Before the patriotic tax, Airtel Money customers were being deducted only Sh350 online to send Sh15,000 but now they will pay Sh960 and were being deducted Sh550 to another network but it has increased to Sh1,160. When they want to give, they will pay Sh2,010 instead of the original Sh1,400.

For Mpesa customers, sending Sh15,000 to an unregistered customer, deductions will be Sh970 from Sh360 while costing Sh2,820 to an unregistered customer from Sh2,210. To other networks, the amount will be paid Sh1,160 from the existing Sh550 and those transferred to their bank accounts will be deducted Sh1,810 instead of the existing Sh1,200. To pay that amount to an agent or ATM, they will be deducted Sh2,060 from Sh1,450.