Mo Dewiji Ajiuzulu

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Mo Dewiji Ajiuzulu, Mo Dewiji Ajiuzuru Nafasi yake ya Uwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Simba, Mo Dewiji Decided to Resign His Position of Chairman in Simba Sport Club, These are all Reasons For its Resignation. Hizi Hapa sababu za Kujiuzulu Kwake.

Mo Dewiji Ajiuzulu

Mo Dewiji is the largest businessman in Africa, the richest number one youth in Africa. and is the richest number 16 For all the rich in Africa.
This is the main Sponsor within the Simba Sport Club based in Tanzania.

So far he has 4 years since he started sponsoring Simba Sport Club.

Today 29/09/2021 Mo Dewiji has announced his resignation (Mo Dewiji Ajiuzulu) from the chairmanship of the Simba board. He has replaced Try Again as the new chairman of the Lions Club.

Mo Dewiji Ajiuzulu: The following are the reasons for Mo Dewiji’s resignation as Chairman of the Club Board (Sababu za Kujiuzulu kwa Mo Dewiji)

>He has had a lot of work to do outside of the club

>He has often traveled extensively abroad and found it difficult to maintain his chairmanship

>He has had a lot of work that will make it difficult for him to do the work of the club chairmanship

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