HESLB-Majina ya waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya Pili

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HESLB-Majina ya waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya Pili

HOW TO CHECK HESLB-Majina ya waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya Pili

After HESLB release a List of students for loan allocation for the First Batch, it is now expected to provide another list of second batch/phase of loan recipients.
This list is subject to release any time before the opening of the 2021-2022 academic year.

After a release of that list You can also see the loan allocation using your OLAMS account that was used to apply for a loan when the window opens for the 2020/2021 academic year.

HESLB Loan Allocation Status 2022/2023
When logged into your account, either can be selected for a loan on no, so the following is how to view the status of each of the 2nd batch HESLB loan assignment Majina ya waliopata Mkopo 2021/22

What to do if you are not allocated for a loan..?
If you do not succeed in getting a loan when the names are released, do not give up because there are a lot of students in Tanzania universities studying without a HESLB loan. Thus, you have time to share with your parents and other relatives so that they can prepare to take you to the university at their own expense.

But there will be a HESLB appeal period for those who are not allocated a loan despite having all the qualifications or criteria. You can take this opportunity to appeal until you are allotted for the loan.

To get more information about HESLB-Majina ya waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya PiliĀ do not hesitate to visit https://www.heslb.go.tz/



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