Army of Thieves Reviews and updates

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Army of Thieves Reviews and updates: This is the fun movie found in the Netflix, For those of you who can remember all the way back to May 2021, you may have picked up director Zack Snyder’s latest zombie work, Army of the Dead.

Army of Thieves Reviews and updates

Army of Thieves Reviews and updates: A small army of humans must infiltrate a zombie-infested Las Vegas, break into an underground vault, and seize a small fortune on behalf of a businessman who may have other interests during the heist. Perhaps the least capable group as a fighter – but most important in the overall scheme – is a master vault-breaker named Dieter (Matthias Schwegüfer), who was used primarily as comedic relief but whose skills become vital when breaking into what is said to be the world’s toughest safe cracking method.

Army of Thieves Reviews and updates: Gwendolyn introduces him to her small crew – hacker Corina (Ruby OV), funny bad boy Brad Cage (Stuart Martin), and getaway driver Rolph (Joz Kahn) – and throwing unsuspecting safes robbers at the deep end with very little information about how the total heists will turn out. Outside his role in it (they say they don’t want to distract him with unnecessary details, which seems wise given how easy it is to get distracted at times). This is actually Schweigofer’s fifth advantage as a director, and his skills behind the camera are superb. He keeps things going and has a good sense of speed, timing, and tension building. Each safe is located in a different city in Europe, so the movie moves from one location to another, and with each job, Dieter grows confident and arrogant; He also thinks his relationship with Gwendolyn is getting closer, though he knows almost nothing about her getting into this.

Adding heat to this crew of five are Interpol agents, led by Delacroix (Jonathan Cohen) and Beatrix (Noemi Nakai), both swaying on the thieves’ trail but also a few steps away. In other words, these characters are here to cut it short when we need a break in the action because they don’t really pose a threat to the team. The zombie apocalypse is boiling in the states, and we catch glimpses of the chaos in Vegas, only to remind us where Dieter’s life is heading sooner than he realizes. The only purpose the zombies have in Dieter’s world at this point is to serve as a distraction to the banking jobs committed by the crew.

While I appreciated the energy of Army of Thieves—and Weigofer is a nerdy force that really grew in my face across these two films—most of the cast (except for Emmanuel, who learned to hold herself in the Fast & Furious series and “Game of Thrones”) performances are fairly generic. For action movies, try to figure out who is the hardest with little regard for the success of the mission. I enjoy a good heist movie, and the focus on breaking these highly complex vaults is a nice twist on the traditional heist story. I wish the filmmakers had taken a little more time to let us know these characters a little more, and with a running time of just over two hours, it’s not like the minutes weren’t there to do it.

Army of Thieves Reviews and updates: Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Snyder and the company are currently filming episodes of the 2022 Army of the Dead series that covers the early days of the Vegas zombie outbreak and will feature many characters from the original movie (fingers crossed on Dieter featured as well), so this universe won’t transition Anywhere anytime soon. I’m good at it now, but Snyder has a habit of pushing the things we love down to earth through overexposure, so we can only hope he knows when to stop this story.

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