How to View All Windows Processes Using the Task Manager

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How to View All Windows Processes Using the Task Manager

Windows runs a lot of processes. Normally, the Task Manager window displays only processes related to your Windows account. To see a lot of them, including processes that Windows runs but doesn’t want you to mess with, do the following:
In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, click the Show processes from all users button. If prompted, click the Continue button or type the administrator password.
In Windows XP, put a check mark next to the item Show processes from all users.
The list of items displayed in the Processes tab is slightly longer. You see some items in the list. Here are some things you can do:
>>To sort the list by process name, click the image name column heading.
>>Sort the list by CPU column to see how much processor time different processes are using. (To see the time-consuming processes listed first, make sure the triangle at the top of the CPU column is pointing up.)
>>Don’t panic because the System Idle Process can use quite a bit of CPU time – sometimes up to 99 percent. that’s normal. Running a System Idle Process is what a computer does when it doesn’t do anything else. Perhaps this is because the computer does not have access to the cable TV.
>>Yes, the end process button is used to kill a distinct process. Do not use this button randomly as it negatively affects your computer.

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