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Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Limited(TGDC) is a subsidiary company of Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO); 100% owned by the government of Tanzania, incorporated in December 2013 for the purpose of spearheading development of geothermal resources in Tanzania. It commenced its business in the July 2014 with the mandate amongst others to explore, drill and harness geothermal resources for power generation and direct applications.
Establishment of TGDC: Tanzania has for a number of periods been faced with inadequate power generation due to a number of reasons.
The Government has taken various remedial actions to avert load shedding, some of which are not only costly but also have adverse effect on the environment. To avoid these recurrences, the Government decided to DIVERSIFY generation sources to include GEOTHERMAL and other renewable energies such as solar and wind.
To be the most competitive regional geothermal resources development company serving today and future generations with reliable, affordable and environmental friendly energy.
To offer reliable and efficient geothermal energy development services to support the nation’s development vision.
TGDC targets to produce 200 MW by 2020 and 500MW by 2025 from geothermal energy resources.
Contact Info
Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC)
P.o.box 14801, House No. 25 Ursino, Mwai Kibaki Road
Fax :
Tel : +255 687 833855
Email : info.tgdc@tanesco.co.tz
Website : www.tgdc.go.tz