MUKIKUTE National Patient Organisation, Contacts and Address. Jobs and vacancies

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MUKIKUTE National Patient Organisation, Contacts and Address. Jobs and vacancies;- Mukikute was the first patient led TB organization in Tanzania, founded in Dar Es Salaam in 2005. The name stands for Mapambano ya Kifua kikuu na UKIMWI Temeke which means The Fight against TB and AIDS in Temeke, with Temeke being the district where we originally started our work. Since then we have long spread our activities to the rest of the country, for example through our collaboration with the National TB Program. We currently work in all the districts of Dar Es Salaam, and several regions in the country.
Core values and mission
Founded by former and current TB patients, Mukikute is driven by core values such as solidarity with, respect for and empathy with our fellow patients, to whom we are fully accountable. Our vision is a TB free country in our lifetime and our mission is to achieve this through the mobilization of the community.
We do this by focussing on different areas:
We increase the knowledge on TB and HIV in the community and try to stimulate people to get tested on both infectious diseases. By increasing the knowledge we also intend to reduce stigma and through this empower vulnerable patients.

We strive to offer good quality TB and HIV services, all together under one roof. People can get tested at Mukikute’s drop in centers or mobile units, receive counseling and can get support when they are in treatment. Our services are low-threshold and patient friendly.

We are a patient organization, which means former TB patients are basically running the show. Besides, we actively stimulate the community to get involved in controlling the HIV and TB epidemic by raising awareness with drama and education materials about the subject.

Mukikute advocates for the rights of patients by consistently addressing their needs and human rights in our networks and through our membership in different national forums.
Mukikute | National Patient Organisation,
Off Nelson Mandela Expressway,
Opposite Temeke Municipal,
Council Headquarters,
Kitomondo A Street,
House number 34,
P.O. Box 7695,
Dar Es Salaam.
+255 (22) 2856512
+255 715 934750

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