Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts

Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts, Christmas trees were sold in the United States about 1850.
In 1979, the national Christmas tree was not lighted except for upper decoration. This was in honor of the hostages in Iran.
Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts, Between 1887-1933, the car will exchange the Christmas ship fishing phase in Clark Street Bridge and sell fir from Michigan to Chicagus.
Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts, The longest Christmas tree is 122 feet, a 91-year-old vacuum in Washington.
Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts, The Rockefeller Center began the Christmas tree center in 1933. Franklin Bears brought President 14, tradition of the Christmas tree to the White House.
In 1923, the College of President Calvin began a national Christmas tree lighting ceremony every year in the White House grass.
Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts, Since 1966, the National Christmas Tree Association gave a Christmas tree for President and First Family.
Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts, Most Christmas trees are cut off before they reach the retail outlet.
In 1912, the first Christmas tree was created in the United States in New York City.
Christmas trees generally take six to eight years to mature.
Christmas trees are grown in all 50 countries, including Hawaii and Alaska.
Eight and ninety percent of all Christmas trees grow.
More than 1,000,000 acres of land were planted with Christmas trees.
On average, more than 2,000 Christmas trees are planted for each acres.
Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts,

Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts, The Christmas tree should not be burnt in the burner. Can contribute to the accumulation of Creosote.
Other types of trees such as cherry and resources were used as Christmas trees in the past.
Thomas Edison assistants reached the idea of ​​electric lights for Christmas trees.
In 1963, the National Christmas tree was not narrowed until December 22 due to a 30-day national period after the assassination of President Kennedy.
Ban Teddy Roosevelt Christmas tree from the White House for environmental reasons.
In the first week, he will take a tree in your home as a daily waterspace.
Tinell was banned once by the government. Tintel received at a time. Now it’s made of plastic.
The best-selling trees are Pine Scotch, Douglas Wert, Frezer, Balm, White Pine.

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