Origin of Christmas Trees

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Origin of Christmas Trees, The date of the Christmas holiday tree is due to the permanent symbolic use in ancient Egypt and Rome and continues with the German tradition of the Christmas candle light represents the first time in America in 1800s. Discover the history of the Christmas Festival tree, from the closest ceremonies in the winter coup habits decorating the annual lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree in New York City Victoria.

Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts

Christmas Tree Trivia and Facts

Origin of Christmas Trees

Origin of Christmas Trees, Watch Christmas Film Festival Christmas documentary about the history of the basement

Origin of Christmas Trees,.How do trees start a Christmas holiday?

Origin of Christmas Trees, Long time of the appearance of Christianity, plants and trees that are still green in a special meaning year for people in winter. Just as people today decorate their homes during vacations with pine season, tint, fir trees, and ancient peoples hanging on the permanent branches on the door and windows. In many countries, he was believed that the evergreen will keep the magicians, ghosts, evil spirits and diseases.

Did you know? Christmas cultivated for feast trees in all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.

In the northern hemisphere, the shortest day and the longest night of the year falls on December 21 or 22 called the winter coup. Many people believe that the ancients that the sun is a god and that winter came every year separated from the chapter of God might get sick and weak. They celebrated the coup because it means that at the end of the day God begins to get good. According to permanent greenery for them all green plants that will grow again when it was a powerful sun god and summer return.
Egyptians worship the old God called Ra, who was on top of the falcon and wore as the fire caught in a pinch crown. In the coup, when RA began to refund from his illness, the Egyptians filled their homes with the green palm, which symbolized the victory of life on death.
The coup was marked early with the time of Eid called Satoranalia in the honor of Saturn, God of Agriculture. The Romans knew that the means of a coup farmer and gardens would soon be green and fruitful. To celebrate the occasion, houses and decorative temples with permanent ethnic branches.
In northern Europe, mysterious priests, the priests of ancient class, also decorated with their temples with a permanent green branch as a symbol of eternal life. The fierce viking in Scandinavian countries thought that permanent greener was a special factory for sunlight, a bladder.

Origin of Christmas Trees, Germany Christmas tree holiday

Origin of Christmas Trees, Germany is restricted at the beginning of the tradition of the Christmas holiday tree, and now we know that in the sixteenth century when religious Christians brought trees decorated in their homes. Some Christmas Christmas pyramids were built from wood and we decorated with green spaces and candles if wood was never. Martin Luther, a Protestant reformer in the sixteenth century, is a lit candles and added the first tree. Walk around the winter evening in one house, making a sermon, and I was interested in sparkling sparkling stars amid the glorious green spaces. To restore the sight for his family, set up a tree in the main room and to wire its branches with lit candles.

Origin of Christmas Trees, First person Who brought Christmas trees from American holiday?.

Americans found more than others in the nineteenth century Christmas holiday trees. The first record of one object on the screen in 1830s by German settlers from Pennsylvania, although the trees were a tradition in many homes earlier than a lot of German. , Also, but she was seen for trees from Pennsylvania’s trees in early 1747. As a symbol of the Christmas Festival 1840s pagan trees and accepted most Americans.
It is not surprising that, such as many habits and Christmas Christmas, the last tree was adopted in America. For Plypiton in New England, the Holy Christmas was. The second ruler of pilgrims, William Bradford, and tried hard to eliminate the “pagan rocky” of a ritual and punish any treatment. Oliver Chromwell Bishr “Traditions polluted” Christmas Songs Festival of influenced festival, decorated trees, and any expression of joy that grants “this sacred event.” In 1659, Massachusetts Public Court was legally cited, making any consideration of December 25 (excluding church service). People were fined to suspend ornamental. She continued to be specifically serious until the 19th century, when the flow of German and Irish immigrants undermined the prostatic legacy.

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In 1846, the popularity of the royal family, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert German, has been painted in the London photographer standing with their children around the Christmas holiday tree. On the former Royal that Europeans used small trees about four feet in height, while Americans liked their Christmas trees to reach from floor to ceiling.
The early 20th century saw Americans decorating their trees mainly with homemade ornaments, while the German-American sect continued to use apples, nuts, and marzipan cookies. Popcorn joined in after being dyed bright colors and interlaced with berries and nuts. Electricity brought about Christmas lights, making it possible for Christmas trees to glow for days on end. With this, Christmas trees began to appear in town squares across the country and having a Christmas tree in the home became an American tradition.

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