10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

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10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree;- Here’s you will get all information about 10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree, For many of us, it seems that Christmas did not come until after the Christmas tree was raised and decorated. Whatever type of tree you choose; Real or synthetic, cut or potted, large or small, you’ll want it to be a seasonal display.

10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

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10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

Whether pruning your tree is a family activity, or something you’d rather do yourself, we’re here to help you make your tree look its best with our tips and ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree. We want to help you create the right look for your home this holiday, whatever your festive style.
So turn up the volume on your favorite Christmas songs, stock up on chopped pies and buy decorations… it’s time to start decorating the Christmas tree.

You may need:
• Christmas Tree – Not sure what to look for? Read our helpful buying guides for real and artificial Christmas trees to help you choose the perfect tree.
• Tree or potted stand – this may not be necessary if you choose an artificial tree or a real potted tree, so check if your tree is free standing or not before buying
• Tree skirt – for the base of your tree
• String Christmas Lights – An essential way to revive your tree. We love the 120 LEDs, which are available in icy white or warm white. With 8 lighting functions, these lights feature a setting suitable for any Christmas occasion. Learn more about this and other festive lighting with our helpful tips. You may not need additional lighting if you have a pre-lit artificial tree, so be sure to check.
Christmas Tree Lighting Fixtures – Great for keeping string lights firmly attached to tree branches
• Tree Ornaments – From bauble to beaded chains – we’ve got something to suit every style. Choose from multiple combinations for a coordinating look or individual pieces for a more customized blend.
• Christmas Decoration Hooks – To help hang decorations from tree branches
• Tree Top – The only way to finish your Christmas tree.
• Timer or smart home socket – ideal for remotely turning Christmas lights on and off if regular access to a socket is difficult
• Ladder or work platform – to reach safely to the top of the tree, if necessary.

10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

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safety Christmas tree after decoration

• Do not climb over your tree or over-decorate it. If you cannot reach – ask someone to help you.
• If you are using old Christmas lights, make sure there is no damage to the plug, cables, bulbs and bulb holders before lighting the Christmas lights.
• Connect the lights to the nearest available socket to the tree. This reduces excess cables that can pose a tripping hazard.

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Christmas tree decorating tips

Choose a festive style

Choosing how you want to decorate your Christmas tree can play an important role in creating a festive look for your home. Do you love classic reds and golds, Scandinavian chic grays, seasonal sparkles or bright colors? Whether you prefer one of these themes, or you like to mix and match with some, our elegant collection of Christmas decorations is sure to make your tree look its best.
We created these unique and trendy collections to inspire you to get creative with your Christmas look.

Art deco

For a touch of classic luxury this Christmas, explore Art Deco decorations and home accessories. Light shades of champagne, taupe, and pale blue blend with luxurious metallic, shimmer and pearl finishes for a soft, subtle style that looks great all winter long.
Merry & Bright
Perfect for kids, this fun and vibrant set uses a modern color palette of navy blue, mint green, yellow and red. From polar bears to stars, it offers a new and fun Christmas theme to enjoy year after year.
Easy, simple and effortlessly cool. When it comes to Christmas, Scandinavians know what they’re doing. This Nordic-inspired collection consists of geometric shapes, metallic colors, and subtle shimmering highlights.
Go for a classic look this year with our contemporary spin on traditional Christmas decorations. Our traditional blend of jade green and letterbox red is combined with gold and silver accents. Great for mixing with your existing decor or starting a whole new look, they evoke warmth and comfort this holiday season.

How many Christmas decorations and lights are needed?

Calculate how many lights and ornaments you will need to decorate your tree with our handy table. This is just a rough suggestion, add more or less to give your tree the look you like best.

10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

10 ways to decorate a Christmas tree

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