Tiago Abravanel Big Brother Brasil

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Tiago Abravanel questiona: ‘Será que estão me vendo lá fora muito ‘insentão’ no jogo? (Tiago Abravanel asks: ‘I wonder if you’re seeing me out there a lot of ‘insentão’ in the game?).

Tiago Abravanel Big Brother Brasil; In the outside area of the house, Tiago Abravanel talks to Rodrigo after this Monday’s Game of Discord. The actor wonders about the audience’s view of him in the game.

Tiago Abravanel Big Brother Brasil ; “Today, as much as I take it lightly, I’m going to be questioning myself, like: ‘What did Tadeu mean by ‘but it’s a game’? game? Do people think I’m not playing because I have a good relationship with everyone? Inevitably, that’s going to stick in my head”, he says.

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