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Ghanaweb;- was established in 1999, there has 23 years ago. the Aim of establishing this website is ensure all ghana people to get information and news at right time.

History of Ghanaweb

Medieval Ghana (4th–13th centuries): The Republic of Ghana is named after the medieval empire of Ghana in West Africa. The actual name of the empire was Ouagadougou. Ghana was the title of the kings who ruled the kingdom. It was captured by Sundiata in 1240 AD, and absorbed into the largest Mali Empire. (The Mali Empire reached its peak of success under Mansa Musa around 1307).

Geographically, ancient Ghana was located 500 miles north of present-day Ghana where the pioneer of ghanaweb live, and occupied the area between the Senegal and Niger rivers.

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Ghanaweb now day visited with many people around the world, also it deals with news, sport, entertainment, Africa, ghanaweb TV and wall.

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