Unhappiest Jobs in The World

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Unhappiest Jobs in The World-; The Unhappiest Jobs in The World · Writer · Photographer · Counselor · Firefighters · Physical Therapist · Construction Worker · Priest

Before we dive into the other happiest jobs in the world…

First, what makes a job not so good?

According to CareerBliss’s 2018 Unhappy Jobs Report, there is one job that stands out as the worst job in the world.

Can you guess what it is? Really:

  • security guard
  • garbage collector.
  • cashier
  • Accountant

If you guessed d) accountant, you are right! Accountants are found to be the most miserable, followed by security guards and cashiers – so bonus points if you pick those.

While the pay for unhappy jobs was significantly lower than for the happiest jobs, there were other factors associated with it such as a toxic work culture, lack of growth opportunities, and poor relationships with co-workers.

Stuck in an unhappy job? First, try honing these skills to increase your happiness:

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