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myuic registration-;  To register for classes, students may use Students may register only during the time frame indicated on the Time Ticket. The Time Ticket can be viewed within XE Registration system (available via myuic registration) by clicking on the Prepare for Registration tab.

myuic registration

From here you can:

  • check your student email
  • Get social with connect
  • Access your online with classroom.
  • Manage your enrollment.

myuic registration-; Please note that the Time Ticket End Date is the last day to add or drop a course online for all parts of term. Each Part of Term has fixed add drop periods. For instance in fall and spring, UIC has an overarching 16 week term with two 8 week terms, called Parts of Term A and B, each fall and spring. The Time Ticket End Date lists the last day to add or drop a course in the later Part of Term B.

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How to Register myuic Online

XE Registration (available via myuic registration) is available 24/7, excluding Sundays from 6:00 am to 12:00 noon. For assistance on how to register using XE Registration, view How to Register Online.

CLICK HERE FOR myuic registration online  Information

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