UNIZULU Courses and Requirements: pdf 2022

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UNIZULU Courses and Requirements: pdf 2022;- Application form, Application Requirement, How to Apply at Unizulu. UNIZULU Application Forms Download, Application requirement, How to Apply, Check Status. Find Out More. Closing Soon Apply Now. Courses: Masters Programmes, Diploma.

UNIZULU Prospectus 2022/2023

UNIZULU Courses and Requirements: pdf 2022

UNIZULU Courses and Requirements: pdf 2022

Zululand UNIZULU has released an online prospectus for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students for the 2022 academic session. The prospectus contains the list of courses, admission requirements and all admission application information to guide you through the admission process of the University of Zululand Cape. The prospectus is available for download in PDF format and can be accessed using a smartphone or computer.

UNIZULU Online Application For 2022

UNIZULU OnlineApplication process, includes the following,

1- If you were registered for the same qualification at the University of Zululand for all or part of the previous academic year, awarded or passed the undergraduate student, you do not need to complete this form again.

You are only required to complete Departmental Form – PGRD2 and a

Attach relevant documents (see Section 2 below)

Processing of your application will be delayed if you fail to complete this form in full, if you fail to attach all required documents, if you fail to attach the application fee deposit slip, or if your application reaches the University after the relevant closing date.

The reference number assigned to you must be mentioned in all future correspondence.

2. Certified copies of the following documents must be attached to each application:

*identity document

* Diploma or degree certificate

* Academic record with conduct in relation to studies at another university institution

* Statement of Intent (see 7.5 below)

* Proof of payment of the non-refundable application fee (see related fees above);


Foreign students must additionally submit:

* A valid passport and study permit

* SCA verification certificate (original)

* Proof of financial means (bank statements, financial grants, available cash / traveler’s checks to cover the envisaged living expenses while staying in the Republic and payment of tuition fees)

* Asylum seekers must ensure that they comply with Article 22 on permits

*Refugees must also meet Section 24 requirements for permits or must show a Chestnut ID.

It is highly recommended that international students head to the South African Embassy in their home countries for further information or requirements before coming to the Republic of South Africa to study. Alternatively, applicants can visit the Ministry of Home Affairs at www.dha.gov.za

3. Please make sure of the following:

* The degree/program you are applying to and where possible the qualification code, eg Ph.D. (Information Technology) is clearly indicated on the application form

* I have signed the online application form for the University of Zululand

* You have provided an email address

*First contact the relevant academic department and complete the departmental PGRD2 form with the ADM01 [Academic Admission Application] form (no postgraduate application without PGRD2 and ADM01 forms will not be considered)

*Apply in writing if they wish to be considered for a fee waiver – (Form SAF01 can be obtained from the Admissions Office)

* If they hold degrees from universities other than UNIZULU, submit a written application on the specified form SAF04 for recognition that their degrees have equivalent status [see page 12]

* Arrange for appropriate medical insurance (note: for international students only)

Foreign students are advised to return to their home country upon completion of their studies.

5. Honors and Masters degrees in coursework

5.1 Prospective Honors and Honors Masters students apply for admission to the academic department hosting the qualification.

5.2 The head of the department hosting the degree will assess the academic suitability of a potential candidate and either accept the applicant or reject the application.

6- Master’s and doctoral degrees in research

6.1 While admission to any postgraduate program is determined by the relevant rules and policies, admission to postgraduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels of research is largely influenced by pre-induction and work processes prior to formal application.

6.2 All candidates should first discuss their intended topic informally with the department head and potential supervisor.

6.3 If HOD has an initial view that the candidate meets the minimum academic requirements for admission and has the academic maturity necessary to enroll in the degree, that the proposed subject matter is appropriate and that supervisory capabilities and other resources are in place at the department, HOD will ask the candidate to submit a statement of intent.

6.4 A statement of intent is not a research proposal but a preliminary document that helps the department head determine if the candidate and proposed research topic are appropriate and if the candidate can move to the proposal writing stage. It provides a brief background and context of the intended study as well as some evidence that the candidate has knowledge of research methodology at the appropriate level.

6.5 The statement of intent must contain:

6.5.1 Primary Address

6.5.2 Field of Study

6.5.3 Purpose and justification of the study

6.5.4 A reference to the preliminary work carried out to determine the suitability of the proposed topic for further in-depth research

6.5.5 Wide Research Time Frames

6.5.6 Reasons for suitability of the candidate to undertake the proposed type of research

6.5.7 Any other information that the candidate considers relevant in determining whether the intended research should be pursued.

UNIZULU Details Application  2022/2023

University of Zululand Application 2022/2023: To apply to University of Zululand, you need the documents below:
1) A certified copy of the green code ID card
2) Proof of payment of any relevant application fee
3) A certified copy of the results of the eleventh grade and any final result of the twelfth grade
For a full list of tips to remember before applying, read here. Applicants should check the individual additional requirements for each course and each university institution. Please also pay attention to NBTs and check with your university if you need NBT results to apply. For more information about NBT click here.
FYI: South African learners who wish to apply online will need a valid email address and identification number. Foreign learners wishing to apply will need to have their passport number.

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