SASSA Status Check for r350: payment dates August 2022

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SASSA Status Check for r350: payment dates August 2022;- In order to know exactly when the r350 grant payment will be made, you need to check online for the sassa status on the srd website dashboard. It needs to show to you that you have been approved before you can expect to be paid.

SASSA Status Check for r350: payment dates August 2022

SASSA Status Check for r350: payment dates August 2022

SASSA Status Check for r350: payment dates August 2022

Payments for this second iteration of the social relief of distress began in the last week of August and continue till March 2023. All beneficiaries are to take note that according to Sassa, payments for each month will be made after a means test is done.

This means it will only be made after it has been confirmed that the applicant still meets the qualifying criteria to be paid. Payments are therefore expected to be done in the last week of every month. This time around, the duration of payments is till next year.


SASSA SRD R350 Payments Status Check For May & June 2022

Have you applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant and application submitted successfully? Did you receive SMS notification indicating that your application was active and banking details submitted?. For many applicants thus their situation as i type this article. What is left is for them to check their status. Bit checking status on the website is faced with a challenge. We have received several complaints from applicants over their inability to track their status.

When we got in touch with sassa, the only reply was that they are processing millions of applications, so the ability to check status for the SASSA SRD R350 grant will be restored soon.

Applicants are much aware that, they should be able to check their status online for them to see whether they are approved or declined or pending.

But anytime they check status, all that they see that status failed. This has left many with greater disappointment and panic.

From what sassa is saying, applicants must as a matter of fact, be more patient so that the application procedure can be followed successfully.

Some simply just wanted to know how far the application process and see the way forward, but the online status checking is no longer functional.


How to Check Sassa Status for R350 Payment Dates May 2022.

The SASSA grant payment dates for April are: Older Person’s Grants 3 April 2022, Disability Grants 4 April 2022, Foster Care Grants 7 April 2022, Care Dependency Grants 7 April 2022, Child Support Grants 7 April 2022, R350 Grant: From the 8th of April 2022. Make sure you have received an sms from sassa and changed your payment option to bank for easy and fast payments of the grant.

How to check Sassa status for R350 payment dates in April and May and what to do if you do not have a payment date. For those who are successful, you will see a message or text indicating that you have successfully completed the process and are ready to receive payment. If you see Approval for April, May: All you have to do after logging in to check your status is simple, just continue below on that page to check your Payday field for a signal or the date they received your funds.

It is important to note that approval does not mean that your money is ready but it does mean that all checks and verification are complete, and you are now at the next facet of getting a payment history. Some of you will find an appointment while others will not, if you do not see a period for payment, it means that your money is not processed yet.

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