Forensic Science in Tanzania

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Forensic Science in Tanzania;-  In this article we review the history of forensic science in Tanzania from the British colonial era to post independent Tanzania.

Forensic Science in Tanzania

Forensic Science in Tanzania

Forensic Science Expert Education / Courses in Tanzania

We are one of the leading forensic institute providing forensic science expert courses in Tanzania. Our forensic expert course will help in educating and learning about forensic science expert courses. It will help you to gain knowledge about the forensic science. You can do the course from your comfort zone i.e. home or office.

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You will study these topic in the forensic science course such as:

forensic science udom

forensic science course

  1. Forensic Sciences: Introduction & History.
  2. Forensic Science: Basics, Ethics, Rules, Laws, Procedures.
  3. Inspection of Scene of Crimes and the Collection of Evidence (Handling and Packing).
  4. Analysis of Evidence: The Microscope and Forensic identification of Hair and Fibers, Toxicology, Forensic Medicine and Serology.
  5. DNA Fingerprinting.
  6. Questioned Documents and Handwriting.
  7. Fingerprints Examination.
  8. Tool marks and other impressions.
  9. Forensic in Ballsitics: Analysis of Firearms, Explosives.
  10. Arsons and Burning Cases.
  11. Introduction to Crime, Theories of Criminology; The Criminal Justice System.
  12. Criminal Profiling; How To Be Your Own Private Investigator.
  13. Drug Addiction and Types of Crimes: White Collar, Political, Property, Violent, Violent Order, Enterprise Crime.
  14. Forensic Psychology.
  15. Anthropology.
  16. Forensic Engineering.
  17. Cross Examination of Forensic Expert.

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