San Antonio College Catalog 2022-2023

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San Antonio College Catalog 2021-2022;-Welcome to San Antonio College’s Schedule and Catalog for the years 2021-2022.

San Antonio College welcomes you to our online collection of scholarly publications. The Catalog contains comprehensive information on all parts of San Antonio College’s academic program. The term “Alamo Colleges District” is used throughout the Catalog to refer to all of the Colleges in the Alamo Colleges District family. The Schedule of Classes contains information on how to apply to the College as well as links to register for classes online.

San Antonio College Catalog

San Antonio College Catalog

Menu of Contents

On the left side of the page, you’ll find the navigation menu. To access the catalog and class schedule, use the menu.

Navigate and Search

In one of two approaches, you can find certain programs, courses, colleges, departments, and so on:

Use the Publication Search box to find what you’re looking for:

  • Choose from Courses, Programs, Departments, Policies, and Other Non-Academics in the drop down menu above the search field.
    Complete Publication
    Click “GO” after entering a term or phrase (for example, Technical Writing, ENGL 2311, or Grade Point Average).

Select a category from the navigation menu:

Click “Departments” on the left menu to learn more about a department or its programs (degrees and certifications). The departments are arranged alphabetically.
Click “Go to information” to display departmental information.
Click on “Departments” on the left menu to learn more about a department and its programs (degrees and certifications). In alphabetical order, the departments are mentioned.
“Go to information about this department” will take you to the department’s information. Under their departments, programs are listed.
Scroll down to find the right department and click on the link for more information on a certain program.
It’s worth noting that Degree Plans and Certificates are available in two formats:
Academic and technical fields are ordered alphabetically.
Degree Types listed alphabetically (AA, AS, AAT, AAS, Certificates and Awards)


My Book is Now Available

Students can save programs and courses that they are interested in through My Publication. In a single portfolio, save content from any of the Alamo Colleges catalogs.

Go to the “Add to My Publication” section and click the “Add to My Publication” button.

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