Domain Price Estimate

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Domain Price Estimate;- Looking to sell or buy a domain name? It’s crucial that you have the proper information and a carefully considered valuation before starting any negotiations. Here below are some Domain Price Estimate.

Domain Price Estimate

Domain Price Estimate

Best Domain Appraisal Services: Top 5 Domain Name Value Estimators or Best Domain Appraisal Tools

What’s a domain name worth? Domain value is the price you will have to pay to purchase a name for your website. This cost can range from a couple of dollars to 6 to 7 figures.

So, how do you determine the value of a domain name?

You’ll find many of these services online, but they aren’t equally worth your time. Some are better in certain situations, and some are just better.

In this guide, you’re going to the best free and paid services that have risen to the top. You’ll discover where each one shines so you can choose the best one to manage your online real estate.

1. Estibot

name hints at the tool’s purpose – it’s an estimation service that works by considering a range of variables that goes into a domain valuation, but primarily focuses on factors like cost-per-click, keyword optimisation, and the website’s previous sale price.

The great thing about Estibot is the range of statistics it offers as a background to any given domain and can be a good tool for spotting a cheap website’s potential with useful metrics like ‘traffic rank.’ While this appraisal tool is free, to perform multiple searches in a day, users are required to register with the site.

2. GoDaddy Appraisal Tool

GoDaddy Appraisal Tool

GoDaddy Appraisal Tool

GoDaddy has a light appraisal tool that may still cover all your needs. Simply type in any existing (or hypothetical) URL to get a free domain appraisal.

If GoDaddy determines that it is valuable, it will give you an estimate and some reasons. For example, the tool will analyze whether the name is memorable or whether it contains valuable keywords.

GoDaddy also provides a list of comparable domains sold. This information is drawn from the data that they have access to as a large domain aftermarket. Not all of this data may be available elsewhere.

3. Valuate

Owned by, Valuate is a meticulously detailed appraisal tool that provides scores of data on any domain name.

Through Valuate, you’re able to see through search results details like estimated traffic, competitors, sales reports and frequency of website searches – among other useful functions. What’s more is that Valuate automatically checks for trademark issues with domain results too.

While the service is free, users are required to sign up to see their results.

4. Flippa

Flippa has a valuation tool that starts by asking how you want to monetize the site.

After you enter a site into its valuation calculator, you’ll be able to get a reading based on whether you want to use the site for:

Affiliate marketing

This allows you to get a more personalized evaluation of your site.

While the tool will give you a calculation, Flippa is also known for its community valuations. Members can create and share their own estimates for sites based on their experiences of buying and selling websites.

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5. Free Valuator

The great thing about Free Valuator is its commitment to gaining multiple perspectives on a website’s valuation.

Not only are users presented with an estimate on the value of a domain, but are also offered the chance to purchase a professional evaluation as well as a ‘crowd appraisal’, which takes on multiple valuations for a site.

Free Valuator also includes useful technical information as well as domain rankings from both Alexa and Google Pagerank among its search results – giving you the chance to gain multiple perspectives on web performance.

domain price estimate

domain price estimate

For more Domain Name Value Estimators or Best Domain Appraisal Tools Visit

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