The Periodic puzzle Lab Answer key

The Periodic puzzle Lab Answer key
The Periodic puzzle Lab Answer key

The Periodic puzzle Lab Answer key;- Do you need a DIGITAL assignment that will let your students demonstrate a wealth of Periodic Table knowledge? This puzzle will give students a set of clues (Google Doc), a blank Periodic Table (Google Slides), and a Set of Cards for 26 “mystery elements” (Google Slides).

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Students use the clues to identify each mystery element card. Then, they drag-and-drop the cards onto the blank Periodic Table. The assembled puzzle pieces reveal brand new trends in density, oxidation numbers, and metal/nonmetal characteristics. Students answer questions about these new trends on a Google Doc. This product gives you a copy of a GOOGLE SLIDES presentation, a copy of a GOOGLE DOC student handout, and an ANSWER KEY.

The Periodic puzzle Lab Answer key
The Periodic puzzle Lab Answer key

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Student Name Pd. Date Periodic Table Puzzle Using the following list of clues place each element in its proper position on the periodic table. The letters bear no similarity to the actual symbols for the elements. The truncated periodic table above shows only the first four periods of the representative elements and the noble gases. Hint place each group in its proper position first and then arrange the elements.

Lab #4 – Periodic Puzzle Box.docx – Lab 4 SCH3U1 Periodic.


Periodic Puzzle


1.Arrange the Periodic Puzzle Blocks in order of increasing atomic number, similarto the standard arrangement of the periodic table. Additionally, arrange theelements in the correct periods and families to make the periodic table look asreal as possible.

2.Answer Question 1 on the student worksheet.

3.Rotate the blocks in the periodic table so the atomic weight (Br = 79.9 amu) isshown.

4.Answer Questions 2-4 on the student worksheet

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