EHS sacramento Contacts

EHS sacramento
EHS sacramento

EHS sacramento;-Environmental health is the prevention, preservation and improvement of environmental factors that affect the health and safety of our community. We are a regulatory enforcement agency that operates as part of the Sacramento County Department of Environmental Management. The common title for our staff is “Health Inspector”, but the official title is “Environmental Hygienist“.

EHS sacramento
EHS sacramento

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The state of California states that only qualified and trained professionals can perform tasks in the field. Our professional staff have backgrounds in sciences including chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, mathematics and environmental health.

The mission of the Environmental Health Department is to protect the health, prevent disease, and promote health for all people in Sacramento County. Individual programs include:

  • Food protection (including catering services, retail, mobile food, temporary event food vendors, shack food operations)
  • Food safety education (including food safety lessons, ‘how to get a green card’ lessons)
  • Recreational wellness (public pools and spas)
  • Tobacco Retail Program
  • anti-smoking program
  • Plan review (public/commercial/multi-family dinner, spa and spa facilities.)
  • Noise control
  • Staff residence
  • detention facilities
  • Conduct disease investigations
  • Body painting (tattoo, permanent cosmetics and piercings)
  • Rainwater Testing (Commercial / Industrial)
  • waste tires

About Environmental Health & Safety

EHS sacramento
EHS sacramento

The office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) works to assure safe and healthful environments for all segments of the campus population, through programs of information and education, review and monitoring, technical consultation, and provision of direct services.

EH&S provides the University community the services and training needed to ensure safety and environmental responsibility.

EH&S is also responsible for developing programs to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal health, safety and environmental regulations, and campus policies on environmental health and safety.

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Main contact information

Plan review – construction and modification of retail dining facilities, public and commercial swimming pool, and spa facilities 916-874-6010

Report a foodborne illness or suspected food poisoning 916-875-8440

Report a complaint (non-food poisoning) online at 311 Connect: WW
916-875-4311 or 311

Request a review of the Environmental Health Program Public File 916-875-8549