My sac state library | Reset SAC State Forget Password | sac state email

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My sac state library | Reset SAC State Forget Password | sac state email;– Welcome to this important post on how to join the My sac state library or how to Reset SAC State Forget Password, and SAC State Email. This portal is dedicated to students of the state of California state.

My sac state library

My sac state library

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My sac state library | Reset SAC State Forget Password | sac state email

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My Sac State is a secure portal at California State University, Sacramento designed to help a student/employee manage a university account.

It gives users (employees, colleges and students) access to everything from payroll to campus profiles and grades, right at their fingertips.

If you are a graduate or current student or staff at California State University, Sacramento looking to My Sac State Login or My SacLink Account, then you have landed to the right place.

All the Login information will be discussed in this article with simple to follow instructions.

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With My Saclink one can easily access a variety of California State University’s campus resources, such as campus email, My Sac State, Office 365, computer labs, and library databases.

Students ,instructors and other staff can log in through the online portal, using their registered username and password.

When logged in, the system provides different access depending on your role on campus when you register as a student:

Offers course registration, links to Canvas, Smart Planner, KEYS to Degree Toolbox, official grades, financial aid information, informal transcripts, tuition/payment fees, and more that.

As an employee, you can view and manage details including personal information, vacation balance reports, benefits, salary data, and more. College Center: Provides the teaching schedule, class and class listings, an extension center, and more.

Currently, my saclink account is eligible for:

  • Student applicants
  • Incoming new faculty or staff
  • Sponsored guest accounts

My Sac State Login | sac state application

To login to your account open the link ” ” and then input your password and username.

If you don’t know your user name

  • Go to the SacLink account management page. To do so copy, paste and open the link ” “
  • Enter the information requested under Create or Verify Your Account. (your last name,sacstate ID or SSN(last four digit) and date of birth)
  • Click Verify Your Identity.

There after the page will then show your account username if you have an account.

California State University, Sacramento is a public university in Sacramento, California. Founded in 1947 as Sacramento State College, it is the eleventh oldest school in the 23-campus California State University system.

For further information SacLink Login Account & My Sac State Visit

How to reset My Sac State password | SAC State Forget Password

How to reset My Sac State password

How to reset My Sac State password

If you can’t sign in to your SacLink account, My Sac State, Canvas, Student Center, or elsewhere, select the situation that most applies to you.

Follow the instructions for help getting back into your account.

To reset your password:

  1. Go to the Password Manager.
  2. Enter your University SacLink Username.
  3. Click I forgot my password.
  4. Enter your date of birth as the month and day (MMDD). For example, if your date of birth was January 1st, you would enter 0101.
  5. Choose where you want to get your reset code: Email Code or Text Code.
    • Personal accounts: A reset code will be texted or emailed to your personal contact information.
    • Generic-type accounts: A reset code will be emailed to the account sponsor’s University email.
    • Admin-type accounts: Admin accounts cannot be reset through the Password Manager. Contact the IRT Service Desk Team at [email protected] or 916-278-7337 to reset admin account passwords.
  6. Check your email or phone for the reset code.
  7. Enter your the code sent to you in the Password Manager and click Continue. Each code is valid for 10 minutes.
  8. Click the Change Password link within “My profile.”
  9. Make sure your password meets the requirements.
    • Don’t use your SacLink ID, part of it, or the word “password.”
    • Don’t use known phrases.
    • Make sure it’s 12 characters or more.
  10. Click Change password.

Your SacLink account password must be changed annually. You will receive notices in the days before your password expires.

It will also tell you how many days you have left before your password expires. If your password expires, you will not able to access your account until it’s been changed.

If you’ve forgotten your password, can’t change it by following the above steps, or if you have forgotten your security question, contact csus office so that they can help you,

In order to protect your account, CSUS will need to speak with you in person to reset your password.

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