NHIF Packages 2022/2023 Tanzania | NHIF Price List | Bei

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NHIF Packages 2022/2023 Tanzania | NHIF Price List | Bei;- Here’s you will get all information about The National Health Insurance Fund: NHIF Tanzania is the government body involved in the provision of medical insurance by covering its members.The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a Social Health Insurance Institution established under the National Health Insurance Act, Cap 395 with the main objective of ensuring accessibility of health care services to people.

NHIF Packages 2022/2023 Tanzania | NHIF Price List | Bei

NHIF Packages 2022/2023 Tanzania | NHIF Price List | Bei

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NHIF Packages 2022/2023 Tanzania | NHIF Price List | Bei

NHIF Tanzania operates under the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MHCDGEC). The management of the Fund is vested to the Board of Directors while its day to day operations are overseen by the Director General of NHIF Tanzania. NHIF Packages Tanzania

1. Functions of NHIF Tanzania

  • Register members and issue identity cards;
  • Collect contributions;
  • Certify health service providers for provision of health care services to members;
  • Reimbursement of health service providers’ claims;
  • Invest the excess funds collected in order to earn income;
  • Carry out Actuarial Assessment and Valuation; and
  • Provide health insurance education to the public.

2. How NHIF Tanzania Raise Funds

NHIF Tanzania collect funds from compulsory contributions from employees in the public sector who are obliged to register themselves and contribute to the Fund a total of six percent (6%) of their monthly basic salary which is equally shared between the employer and employee.
However, the Fund has put in place separate contribution arrangements for other groups that join the Fund voluntarily.

NHIF Packages 2022/2023 Tanzania | NHIF Price List | Bei

NHIF Packages 2022/2023 Tanzania | NHIF Price List | Bei


3. Members of NHIF Tanzania

Members of the Fund are categorized as follows:

  • Public Employees
  • Non Public Employees
  • Retired Public Employees
  • Students
  • Children under 18 years
  • Farmers in Cooperative Societies
  • Members of Organized Socioeconomic Groups e.g. Machingas, Bodaboda, Drivers, etc.
  • Individual members under Health Insurance Bundles
  • Bunge Health Insurance Scheme for Members of Parliament
  • Councilors

4. Certified Health Facilities Coverage

The Fund undertakes certifications of facilities that are fully registered by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children to provide services to beneficiaries. These health facilities are divided into three groups namely Government, Faith based organization and Privately owned health facilities. Currently the Fund has certified more than 7,900 health facilities with different levels of accreditation to serve the Fund’s beneficiaries. These categories are:-

  • National Referral,
  • Zonal Referral,
  • Regional Referral,
  • District Hospitals,
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Specialized Clinics,
  • Health Centers,
  • Dispensaries,
  • Pharmacies, and
  • Accredited Drugs Dispensing Outlets.

5. NHIF Tanzania Coverage

The NHIF provides a wide coverage towards medical expenses. NHIF Packages Tanzania The coverage includes:

  • Inpatient cover
  • Outpatient cover
  • Group life cover
  • Last expense cover
  • Ex-Gratia Payments
  • Maternity and reproductive cover

The recently launched NHIF Tanzania new packages have made it easy for all Tanzanians to join the NHIF, especially those who were unable to access health services due to their limited financial possibilities. NHIF Packages Tanzania
Through a wide network of accredited health facilities, NHIF Tanzania dedicates itself to provide quality social health insurance to all Tanzanians to access affordable health care services. The packages launched are;

  • Najali Afya Premium
  • Wekeza Afya Premium
  • Timiza Afya Premium

The recently launched NHIF Tanzania price list 2019 shows the amount of money you should contribute to NHIF Tanzania for the services. Below is a table that shows the NHIF Tanzania cost payable yearly.

6. NHIF Tanzania Membership

7. What services does NHIF Tanzania cover?

NHIF has attractive services that it offers to its beneficiaries through accredited health facilities countrywide. NHIF Packages Tanzania
Beneficiaries are offered these services as per standard treatment guidelines issued by the fund’s regulations alongside the Ministry of Health. The services include;

  • Consultations
  • Investigations
  • Eye and optical services
  • Medicines and medical supplies
  • Spectacles
  • Surgical services
  • Inpatient care services including ICU and HDU
  • Retirees health benefits
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services
  • Medical or orthopaedic appliances
  • Dental and oral health services

There are services that have conditions for special approval that require a beneficiary to present a special permit before he or she can enjoy the NHIF benefit cover. NHIF Packages Tanzania
The services that require a special permit include;

  • Cancer chemotherapy for cancer patients
  • Medical and orthopaedic appliances
  • Complex Implants
  • Dentures
  • Radiotherapy service
  • Immuno-suppressant medicines for patients, who have organ transplants
  • Reading glasses
  • Special radiological imaging such as CT scan and MRI
  • Polypropylene-mesh
  • Haemodialysis and erythropoietin for patients with renal failure
  • EMG needle
  • Advanced cardiac services
  • Some selected medicines
  • Orthodontic services

The special approval can be accessed on their website’s conditions for special approval page for more guidance. NHIF Packages Tanzania

8. NHIF Tanzania Contact Address


  • +255 26 2963887/8/+255 26 2963888


  • 0800110063 – Inapatikana saa 24 siku 7 za wiki


  • National Health Insurance Fund,
  • Head Office,
  • Tambukareli Street, Jakaya Kikwete Road,
  • P.O.Box 1437,


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