Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani

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Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani ;- Michezo ipi inayolipa Pesa nyingi, Michezo inayolipwa zaidi ulimwenguni mnamo 2020, Best highest paid games in the world Forbes.

Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani

Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani

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Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani

Athletes earn a lot of money every week, but which sports pay the most? Using Forbes’ list of “Top Paid Athletes in the World”, DESIblitz answers the same question.

With fast approaching is exploring statistics to bring you the most paid games. Two British-Asian accountants also weigh their opinions and opinions, but what game do you think it could be? Surprisingly, cricket does not make that list despite IPL being one of the most profitable leagues in the world. So which games pay the most?

Forbes List of the Top 100 Paid Athletes in the World on Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani

Despite Virat Kohli becoming the biggest striker in the richest Indian Premier League, no cricketer is featured in Forbes’ list of the 100 highest paid athletes.

Cricket, therefore, is not one of the games that pays more, even if it is not close. Instead, the list is made up entirely of American athletes.

Of the 100 athletes on the Forbes list, 26 play baseball, 21 are American footballers, and 18 play NBA basketball. Also on the list are athletes from football (12), tennis (7), golf (5), running (6), and boxing / MMA (4).

Among the top 10 highest paid athletes in the world, it is quite a division among several of these sports. Despite the athletes in football, the race and the NFL earning the highest average salaries, no one pays more in total. Extensive consent revenue for golfers and tennis players makes these games the most lucrative in 2016

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Golf takes first place with its top players earning an average of $ 43.4 million from wins and sponsorship. Tennis is no less than $ 38.3 million, and football is third with $ 36.9 million, although the huge revenue of Ronaldo and Messi pushes the average football. Basketball is the fourth highest paid game with $ 33.2 million, just ahead of the NFL [$ 32 million] and race [$ 31.7 million].

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Top athletes in boxing and MMA receive an average of $ 27.9 million, while baseball players earn $ 24.1 million. You can see all the average figures taken from Forbes’ top 100 highest Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani list below.

Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani

Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani

Michezo Inayolipa Pesa Nyingi Duniani


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