Matukio ya Panya road Dar es salaam 2022

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Matukio ya Panya road Dar es salaam 2022;- Hivi ni vikundi vya vijana waharifu wenye Age ya 12-26. Police in Dar es Salaam has arrested 31 juvenile criminals famously known as ‘Panya Road’ after they were allegedly involved in assault, robbery and inflicting bodily harm to several people in different parts of the city.

Matukio ya Panya road Dar es salaam 2022

Matukio ya Panya road Dar es salaam 2022

Matukio ya Panya road Dar es salaam 2022

According to a statement by Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander Jumanne Muliro, the operation that led to the arrest of the 31 individuals started on April 27.

“The operation which is meant to be continuous started on 27/04/2022 and has succeeded in apprehending these criminals, most of whom are aged between 13-20 years and when they were found in possession of swords, knives, and large scissors which they use to commit crimes,” said ACP Muliro.

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He did not however name the exact parts of the city where the young criminals were arrested.

According to the RPC after a thorough interrogations the Police Force identified the suspects who were involved in criminal activities and were able to capture certain items they had stolen including 12 TV sets and 4 cell phones.

He warned that stern actions will be taken against those found in possession of property which are proceeds of such criminal actions in the city.

Askari 300 kuwasaka Panya Road Dar

The Governor of the Dar es Salaam Region, Amos Makalla, has said that they have released 300 soldiers to conduct an operation to arrest the Road Rats, who have been killing and injuring residents of the region. He said that a parent and a guardian who will be lost with their child at this time, will have to go to the hospital or the police station to look for him.

Matukio ya Panya road Dar es salaam 2022

Matukio ya Panya road Dar es salaam 2022

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Makalla said this today, September 15, during his visit to Zingiziwa Chanika Ward, Dar es Salaam. “We will not laugh with them anymore, because they started here in Zingiziwa, Tabata Kinyerezi and now Mzimuni Kawe, we will fulfill our duty and the parent who wants to guarantee your child, get ready because we will start with you,” said Makalla.

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